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Semi-Annual Firearms Qualification

Retired Officer Qualifications



This program is being offered to assist law enforcement officers meet the statutory requirements of semi-annual firearms qualification. The program will include:

  • Sixty (60) round Handgun Qualification Course
  • Forty (40) round Night Handgun Qualification Course
  • Ten (10) round Shotgun Qualification Course
  • Ten (10) round Night Shotgun Qualification Course

Use of Force/Deadly Force Policy and Vehicular Pursuit Policy will not be a part of this course. Departments will have to assure that their officers receive Use of Force/Deadly Force and Vehicular Pursuit training through their respective department.

Officers are reminded to have sufficient ammunition for each qualification course, eye and hearing protection and clothing similar to that worn while on duty.

Conducted by Academy Range Master and Staff

Scheduling and information can be obtained by contacting the Academy Firearms Instructors.